07 March, 2013

Protest against UGC

Sandesha Rayapa-Garbiyal
 Mar 7

Dear UGC officials,

Though you made me (and many like me) undergo so much trauma, I am really trying (in my heart) to forgive you. In the past few months, I have actually seen the pages of my school's history lessons come alive!!!

Growing up in another country; our nation's rich history, political science, civics, law were difficult for me to comprehend.

But due to to your injustice, I am reliving the kind of difficulties faced by Indians during the freedom struggle.

For example, when few were fighting for independence by coming out ............. family members, friends, relatives must have tried stopping them. They must have told them that its just futile and dangerous. Why waste your valuable resources like time and money?

When the matter went to the British authorities then the families must have said, "The matter is being discussed by the British authorities then why bother protesting now."

They failed to realize that continuing the protest brought pressure on the British government to not stall India's independence any further. (Apart from the changes occurring around the world!)

With people from different lengths and breadths of the country meeting ............ there must have been little issues of understanding each other linguistically and culturally.

I am truly witnessing all this as we fighters are fighting against UGC's injustice.

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