02 March, 2013

UGC NET June 2012 Injustice : Fighting strategies

 By Harina Madhavi 

Expecting UGC to give on the spot result for the protest is like asking for too much - I believe the purpose of the Protest was to make our voice heard to UGC officials - in which the protesters at Delhi were 100% successful - They met Higher officials and made them heard about the concerns of Victims.

Secondly , When UGC has challenged the decision of KHC SB in KHC DB , it is obvious & expected reply from them that they would await the decision & verdict of KHC DB and act accordingly ( Acting accordingly leads to two paths 1) Challenging the decision in SC 2) Abiding to the verdict of KHC DB and issuing certificates.) and giving this expected reply to the protesters was the easiest way for UGC officials to tackle the pressure created by protesters.

Thirdly , while we all are unhappily arguing about the supporters and non supporters of the protest , people being present there and not being present - We should not forget that we must also think of other means of countering UGC and build up pressure on them. We must also realise that Protesting on Roads are just not enough , we must attack UGC in every possible way.

Few are capable to attend Protests on roads , Few are capable at fighting UGC in courts , Few would be capable in tackling this injustice by other methods --- Courts & Road Protests have been demonstrated and will continue : It is the time now , we explore other methods !!

One method could be a PROTEST in FACEBOOK STYLE - which is pretty easy for everyone to participate : Put a black ribbon as the profile photograph and "I voice against UGC Autocracies in June 2012 NET Exam" as the Cover photo of your profile ----- 1000+ similar profiles on a social network site would definitely create a spur and wave , and we will surely gain some attention ( It will not guarantee that UGC will issue certificates immediately , This is the option only to gain attention )

Similarly we can carry out other methods of expressing our pain and dissatisfaction towards UGC .

Please Think over it !!

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